We aim to persuade people living in urban environments to develop a lush thriving bed of plants and trees in and around any commercial or residential space. Greenery that is not only ornamental but also productive. Essentially grow vegetables, herbs and fruits wherever possible in the city - terraces, balconies, building compounds, open spaces that the local government can allot, road medians, building dead walls (vertical farming) etc.

1. Drive the green cover activities in the city with cooperation from individuals and entities alike

2. Encourage Urban Farming

3. Build a community of people enthusiastic about the initiative

4. Bring awareness of the program




• Reduction in Carbon footprint as the produce is grown and consumed locally cutting down on transportation of goods


• Lowers consumption of fossil fuels


• Composting & Recycling improves waste management


• Improved air quality with increased green cover


• Encourage eating healthy by teaching people the benefits of growing their own basic household food produce


• More and better quality jobs for the local gardeners thereby creating better living conditions and better opportunities for their children



• Beautify the visual appeal of the urban space and in-turn the city itself


• Less prone to pests and rodent problems as the waste is better handled due to composting and recycling


• Animal life starts thriving as the green cover increases – butterfies and other useful insects for the new ecosystem in the making


The possibilities are endless. We are sure to explore more opportunities and make new discoveries along they way, whilst keeping the focus on city residents quality of life.


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