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This is not another cleaner, greener Mumbai campaign but in a nutshell a direct social impact project we want to drive into our city, which we love. The ideology behind The Pink Tree Project (TPTP) is simple, to increase the green cover in Mumbai. 


We want people to take responsibility and participate to make a difference to their environment vs. being complacent about the city. The project wants to empower people to recognise their rights as a citizen and exert them to find spaces in their locality to plant a tree. By providing them with the resources needed to plant a tree, we hope the people of Mumbai come forth and show their respect for the city that shelters and feeds them everyday. 


This is our attempt to restore our city to the “pink of health”. 

I would like to adopt a plant to contribute towards making Mumbai a green city! 

Bringing MUMBAI,

to it's PINK

of Health.


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